Reviews for "Age of War 2"


i love this game b-kuz it has more eras to kill in holy crap that game is good make another

Great Game

I beat this on normal, and then on hard. I stalled until the very last age on hard mode just to see what it was.

Once your opponent gets 4 last tier cannons up, the only way to beat them is to get 2 god's wraths and 6 cyborgs.

For people who havent played the game yet, the trick is SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT. At first, get 1 solder 2 support, but later on keep upgrading support range till egyptian level, where you can get 3 mages to attk behind 1 soldier.

2nd, if you're getting hard pressed, feel free to use the special attack, but only when they are already knocking at your door. Use it once per civilization in the first few upgrades, and then use it once per 2 civilization upgrades.

3rd, remember to upgrade. Get the 300 gold upgrade for everything u need before you advance something to the second level.

In summary, a pretty nice game, but very shallow once u "get it".


Oh i loved this game it makes me remember majesty where you dont have control in your units

Way easier than

the first AoW. Got hard on first try without even reaching the last evolutionary stage... 1/2 infantry + 3/4 ranged seem to do the trick most of the time (not counting the very first age, I suppose).

I suppose 'veterans' of the first version should use that 'insane difficulty' but since it's limited to maxgames, it's something I can't be bothered to try.

Otherwise - fun but nothing new.

Pretty good!!!

I tried normal and hard, catching the hang of the game took some time, but after some minutes playing I figured a way to beat the comp. Just try to hold the enemy's waves by recruiting an infantery + 2 supports, also get a turret and just keep holding, get your adavntage over the comp by not using the special power that drains up your exp. It's better to evolve.
One thing I'd love to see in the game is civilizations, you know, different people with different power up and units and bonuses. That'd be awesome.