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Reviews for "handjob ownage"

For some reason...

... I find this really funny. Love the ending!


Well, now that was amazing!

Personally, I think that If you don't find this funny... your on the wrong website!


to the guy who told us who didn't get the M.S.G. reference or didnt appreciate it....
Um, that's what makes a good flash a good flash. That you don't necessarily need to understand the reference to find it good or funny. This Flash is like a little kid's club joke or something. Only those kids will find it funny, cuz even those others who get it find it rather tasteless.

I'm sorry if u feel bad because people didn't appreciate it as You certainly did, but that's what separates good Flashes from Bad flashes, the ability to be enjoyed with or Without understanding the references. That should only be a BONUS to the humor. Believe me, i've seen MANY Flashes of things i've never seen [such as MSG to be honest] and I was taken aback by the amazing humor even though i didnt really get it. This Flash didnt do the same


Poorly drawn, short and weird in a not funny way.

that wasnt a blowjob

that was technically a handjob... also made little sence, which i guess was the point but still...