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Reviews for "handjob ownage"


fist of the north star jerk-off. lol

shit crazy

que merda loka


by the way when some one does it with there hands thats called a handjob not a blow job

heaven-e-hell responds:

thanks for notification I do not understand English, but you understand of slutty

obrigado pela notificação não entendo Inglês, mas você entende de sacanagem


My initial thought is that this would be a piece of shit, but I'm wrong. Seriously man this is actually pretty good and damn funny.

lolz hokuto no no ken references

I figured this would be another sack of crap, but it's a decent sexual reference to hokuto no ken, even with gushing bodily fluids and exploding for no reason! XD good work!

heaven-e-hell responds:

let me explain, Kenshiro to strike an opponent using the "Hokuto Hyakurestsu Ken" explodes from the inside out, what happened to the guy his cock exploded inside for out starting with the prostate.