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Reviews for "handjob ownage"


bluewolfen score
for the sound 4 points
for the moves -6
for the end 3 points


holy god....

i think i had a seizer lol it was rather funny, thats how i wanna die, getting jacked off so hard i explode, liturally

i laughed, the guy's face is priceless

i thought it was funny but it needs a play button, and it shouldn't loop. should also be called handjob ownage as there was no blowjob lol

wtf is this

dude it needs a play button and at one point there was no audio animation was the only reason i didnt give 0

Slightly funny

You know what... it was original if you want to say that

Why was she running if she could own him that easily?

Overall not very good unfortunately D: