Reviews for "30 Halfwit Hero"


This Shittymutapune or whatever it was was, well... AWESOME!! Looked like an enhanced ver. of the sword Squall had :3 Also music was perfect. I hope there will be sth more about this "hero" . :3


A Half-Minute Hero parody. I never thought I would see one of those. Nice job.

Quite clever

Some of the jokes came off a little bit as being dry, but other than that it was flawless. The funniest part is by far the kid at the end who wants to know about all the crazy stuff going on. I like how the hero is Cloud and how silly he just seems to move around. The sound is also great (it was so cool to hear "Take On Me" at the credits) and so are the voices. It is just so silly how you have no idea what is going on next. It is a good example of how dumb people in video games are just so funny.


truly was an epic quest :D



Seriously do you believe the crap jeffrobot's pooping out his mouth? I think he had never ever played an MMORPG and that he is just to dumb to understand the humor. I thought is was great. Please don't get a writer just because jeffrobot thinks everyone is born with the same sense of humor. The one that is a ego is jeffrobot himself, the poor noob.

keep doing this great stuff and keep the writing to yourself