Reviews for "30 Halfwit Hero"


This was my laugh of the day the Voice acting was awesome and had some great humor to it, I was trying to figure out if that was suppose to be cloud?

ViolentBuddha responds:

not really, its more of a mockery since most rpg heros ive seen (not all though) are blond and have really outrageous hairdoos.

I think its good! Yay!

I'm no fan of pixel art, but at least its funny like hell!

OMG lol I loved it.

I was lauphing so hard lol. Great parody of all the Hero characters lol. I love the name of the sword heheheh. " you killed th whole village" Collateral lol.

Poor Farmer

The stupid adveturer destroyed the city burned his bastekt his grandmother gave him and left. The Adveturer is dumb. COOOL. =)


I rather liked this. It was quite funny, and the concept is great. I think that there where too many "awkward moments" throughout it, and that got a little less funny, but still a nice flash. Well done.

ViolentBuddha responds:

Okey dokey. Less akward moments in the future.Thanks comrade :)