Reviews for "30 Halfwit Hero"

saw this when it came out... just played the game now, AWESOMENESS!!! maybe you'll do half minute hero evil lord 30 next?

This flash was forged by the gods!

You should pretty much make another one of these :). I loved it! Sorry I had nothing useful to say I just want to see another. :D

Sorry, What?

This wasn't very funny at all, and yes, I've even played Half-Minute Hero. The voice acting is horrible and none of the characters show any emotion. The font is poorly chosen, and the dialogue is just awful. The humor seems forced, and while with better presentation it may have been funny, that presentation was not present.

XD awesome!

I can't find flaws in this flash

The ending song

The ending song is called Take On Me and this is an 8bit remix of it. I dont remember the original artist but Reel Big Fish did a cover of it.