Reviews for "Twisted!!!"

Now thats what i call some heavy metal

thats some pretty awsome metal rocker206 has going on there on a scale 0-10 id give a 10 for that song most defenately.


man that makes me want to go outside and break some shit! good work


I loved it.it was amazing. keep up the good work

rocker206 responds:


Cool stuff

Another cool track man the rhythm was a lil more heavier than the doom one. But still sound a tad thin. The drums sound good and all welp good job man .

rocker206 responds:

Thanks for your review Metaljonus. Glad you liked it :)


Can anyone say HATEBREED!!!?!?!?.....this is really good tho....nice rythm and i liked the pinches in the slow breakdown

rocker206 responds:

lol now that I think about it there are some parts of the song that sound quite like hatebreed. Anyways thanks for the review!