Reviews for "Twisted!!!"


Awsome music here, i dont really 'make' music myself other than play around with a organ, and the beginning sounds like I make mine... in my imageination >.>, not as good to imageine music though, so thats why its best to listen to Leeter ones!

rocker206 responds:

Hey thanks for listening to my tune and for the review.

Great Song

I Really like the pitch harmonics and the palm muting in this song,Its a really heavy tune. very cool

rocker206 responds:

Thanks for for the review! I'm glad you liked it :)

What in the FUCK?!

WHY THE HELL IS THIS AT 4.25?! Beautifully done, man. Nice and drudgy as fuck, insanely heavy. Like this beast alot man. Can't wait to hear what you do for the vocals on this bitch! Speed changes rule, damn cool! Lets see if I can raise your score some, fucker!

Thanks for your vote, Bad_Man_Incorporated! You voted 5 for Twisted!!!, raising its score from 4.25 to 4.33.

Hell yeah.

rocker206 responds:

Hey thanks for the vote and the review Bad Man!

That was shit...

Oh wait, I was wrong that was cool.

rocker206 responds:

lol Thanks for the review Gorebastard.

will you ever cease to amaze me?

Very nice job on this tune. Mean and heavy, just the way i like my men...uhh...i mean music
So yeah, great song dude, really feeds the heavy metal part of me, once again I can't find anything wrong with this. keep up the good work you stud muffin.

rocker206 responds:

Thanks for the review man!