Reviews for "Twisted!!!"


I loved that ,you make my favorite metal stuff on this site...!! I don't know what to say ,but if one day you would make a collab ,just ask me! (I'm a good DJ)

You're a real rocked ,keep rocking!

rocker206 responds:

Wow thanks! yeah a collab would be sweet.

This song kicks major ass man !

Damn dude,I was checking out your profile and saw that you were only 15.You play the hell out of a guitar.I didnt start playing until i was around 15.This song rocks.Look forward to hearing more from you.

rocker206 responds:

Hey thanks! yeah I've been playing for about 4 years now....man I should've started earlier lol. And I'll be sure to check more of your stuff out.


Holy CRAP!!! Dude this is so kickass. It even had the waaaaaa sound :D. This is one of my favs now (as will most of your songs). It's really heavy. Keep up the good work.

\m/ Farcry \m/

rocker206 responds:

Wow....thanks for your review!


If you had someone to write vocals and sing on this fucker it would be fucking godly. Get a band together man you really deserve one more than some people who have bands. This song was awesome. All of your riffs were great your leads were fantastic and your drums were perfect. Glad to hear you putting the samples to great use. Great fucking tune my friend keep it up.

Oh and next time I catch you on MSN do you think you could send me the dfh samples? My hard drive died a while ago and I lost everything. I got most of them from Bad_Man but he didn't have most of the cymbals and snares. Thanks for any help you can give me.

rocker206 responds:

Hey thanks for review speedy! I might consider putting vocals to this song someday. And I should be on MSN later tonight. Thanks again