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Reviews for "The Hell Evolution"

I don't getit.

At the end of level 1 i don't know what to do. There's a little house but it just sits there and I don't know if i'm supposed to go in it.

there's a little hole but i just die when i go down it....



So ... I'm stuck on the second part of 1-2, the green boxes. Someone make a walkthrough!

Ps. I love it!

Too riduculous and stupid

It's not very fun to have to just get lucky to make it past enemies crammed into a spot where the blocks are falling but if you jump over the enemies you also hit blocks and then come right back down into the enemies, thus meaning the only way through is to get LUCKY. The spot that is the worst is the one where its past where the evil star is. You just cannot get past that part without being lucky.

If you want to make a game hard. That's fine. But don't make it so ridiculous that it pretty much requires one to get lucky in order to win. It's especially bad when there's so many stupid ways to die.

Seriously, it stops being fun when one can't make it past a spot due to bad design. Did you even test this out and have friends test it? or did you just make it and send it without being certain. If you and the other people that tested it can pass it multiple times without losing a lot, then its good to release. If any member can't, then its too stupid and you need to try again.

This game requires 0 skill and only requires one to remember and also get lucky. That is all. Not really the makings of a good game if you ask me.

Very nice

Definitely harder than Syobon Action, awesome game anyways.

Damn frustrating

It was good for a while, but won't encourage me to keep playing. A challenge? meh... this is stupid, not a challenge. More like a memory and luck test, like when I was getting to the first castle then boom rolling enemy killed me <_< kinda lame, I died enough to get myself kille on the last 2 steps.

Anyway this could use some background, the physics don't seem to be quite right and the enemies are too simplistic. Being killed by an eyeball with stick-legs sucks in a really bad way mate, I rather get killed by a spiky turtle or smth, if you make a Hell evolution make it look like hell, don't just switch every enemy for cyclop blobs :P

Yeah this game steamed me up, didn't even want to finish the first lvl, the looks are bad and wow I'm so sick of Mario already. Too many "practically impossible to beat" games around lately. It's not fun at all if people just keep doing this stuff.

Well good work on making the traps and coding the game I guess, but bro this is unplayable after 5 min if you're not a mario junkie