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Reviews for "The Hell Evolution"

oh god

i hate you!

Not as good as the real one.

I have played the original syobon action and beat it. This is horrible. First of all. LIMITED LIVES AND TIME! The Games graphics are so bad. Your cant tell if somethings part of the background. The original was all colourful andfun to look at, this one sucks. The Pink and purple disgusts me. It makes me wanna puke! The Orchastrated remix of The Syobon action (or the NES cheetah men game) DRIVES ME INSANE! The sound sucks the graphics suck, THIS IS IS A PILE OF CRAP! The Level design is ripped from the first one. just download the real one. The Originals better no matter how hard it is. This ones harder than Contra, Super gouls and ghosts and whatever other games hard. And THATS SAYING ALOT! Im not saying the original was a cake walk or fair. BUT AT LEAST IT WAS FUN!

A variant of Syobon Action

It resembles much of the original Syobon Action levels, but I completely dislike the music remix and the graphic design. I suggest you stick to a certain graphic style. (for this game I'd prefer to make all of the graphics in pixel lowrez)

This game is exceedingly challenging

I played it once a little bit yesterday and couldn't handle the difficulty. But today I stuck with it. Right now I have the game open in another window. I'm at the final checkpoint of World 1-4, I've gotten to the point of seeing the exit doorway, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to beat the stage!

I don't know how long you've made this game, but I doubt too many people on newgrounds will ever make it as far as I have. It's a shame really, because unless someone gets to the point I'm at right now and figures out how to get past the boss, I'm gonna lose the rest of my 442 lives, and not see the rest of what you've done here.

I guess for someone like me who had a few hours to kill, this was a great challenging carpal-tunnel inducing game. I don't want to give up yet. How do you finish the stage?

Am I gonna be the one who creates a walk-through just so someone else can figure out what I can't?


Unless you want to imagine a good Mario game where you suffer over and over and over again, don't play it. Decent idea, I guess.