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Reviews for "The Hell Evolution"

Its like Hell...

This game is like practice for when you actually go to Hell. It's going to be neon red walls with falling floors and you dying continuously only to be reincarnated at the beginning again. A little too hard to play and it's not interesting enough to keep playing.

good game

good game really entertaining, but it needs a real MUTE button, that mutes every sound of the game, also a PAUSE button, very important in games, and last but this isnt that important, a save feature

Did you make this game........

with the point of it to piss me off? My average time alive was less than a second That is how long I stayed alive between deaths. Although I do give you props for doing such a good job with it. Put a mute button in there and give me a health bar though.


(If your good with the d-pad) Nicely put together. Personally I love this game, it reminds me just enough of Super Mario and adds a few hard elements that brings new life into an old game.

Fuck this game!!!!

This game is the reason we have cancer! it is too hard! rediculously hard! i applaud you for doing something different but GAWD! you can't even move without dying!!! I always try to crituque the creator with the upmost respect but this is one time that i can only respect your programming but i can't find it in me to go forth with this game....i'll get a brain tumor, i've cursed more at this game then in my entire life!!! hope you do better next time!