Reviews for "Pico's Ludo Vengeance"

Austin Breed game idea was awesome

Yes his game was awesome, but this is fantastic, really I love that it is not in pixels, I like pixels but in this style it was great.
And it was really interesting to play becouse I wanted to know the end of a game.
Guys you have did a good job making this game, it really rocks.
I know maybe it is stupid question- Maybe I can join and we could make some game too,
Becouse I love to maek stuff with people wich have good stuff and wich are stoners.
I know you are ha :)
all the 10

really good game and i got all medals ALMOST...

secret medals:
be a gentleman: 1 map above gravestones there is a huge flower give it to the woman in the hobo map.
easter egg: while fighting the boss,a little after he is starting to throw big eggs, he will shoot easter egg to the downest rightest part of the screen.be there.take it!
meet god: while dead,before going to the stairs which bringing you back to life, go 1 map to the left and meet god. nice!!!
somebody please tell me how to get toch mail medal.

MarcyVF responds:

"Note: The "Touch Mail" medal is not supposed to be there, it was a test."


that boss is hard i manged to kill him but i had no health left?

anyway great game and lots of good achieves-lots of funny characters

MarcyVF responds:

Lol really then you must have been very lucky I guess. The health should be working prefectly.


Kewl game bro:3

Oooh Pico

YOu may be a odd... Pixel stick, but you still kick ass :)