Reviews for "Pico's Ludo Vengeance"


That was fawkin awesome.
Really fun ^__^
Want more!!

Fun game.

%u2192 Beginners read this if confused about what to do %u2190
The objective of the game is to look around and find an item to give to any person in exchange for something they have. Space doesn't work to pick up stuff. In the end you'll have an item to give to the two guards to get in the Storage.

Here are the 3 secret medals:
1) Find a huge flower (not the small ones that are on the floor) and give it to the woman that's picking flowers.
2) When fighting the hen in the end, you'll see a multi-colored egg. Touch it.
3) Get killed by the dog or the bees then walk right of the stairs till you see God.
There is a thing that didn't work for me. I got to the boss and wanted to get the easter egg but it didn't show up. Tried it a second time and it still didn't. Someone tell me where it shows up and when?

%u25BA My score on this is 9/10. Not 10/10 since I've seen other games that are like this, and that most Pico games are like this. I like the originality with the tribute which will get Austin's game more views, and the fact that there's no

Great game. Fun. Quick.

Though in truth the games a bit laggy at moments, and the easter e- I mean... secret achievement is rather difficult to get... Either way; certainly worth playing for the experience.

Run Chicken Run

Dance Chicken Dance....

More Pico Hilarity.

Y'know for a game that had no sequels (not counting spinoffs) it's amazing how the fans were able to expand the world of pico and many other characters.

This for example is one of them. Going around town commenting on every little thing and doing a bunch of stupid chores for stupid idiots

In short I Loves it. <3