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Reviews for "Pico's Ludo Vengeance"

excellent game

the game was well done how to get medals
regret- touch ur house
touch mail- impossible to get
catch UBERKID- find a pokeball and go into the tall grass then catch an uberkid
save a unicorns dignity- find the unicorn horn and give to unicorn
magic pico man- under the gas station screen isthe magic pink man screen
make an old man happy- find wool andgive 2 old man
win- win
secret medal 1- find a MASSIVE flower and give to flower picker
secret medal 2-when fighting hen if u see a multi colour (not typo) egg, hit it
secret medal 3- if u diego right til u see god

boss- just survive for around a minute or so

Short and sweet

great fun game. The game itself is very easy and short but it's packed with fun humor and a very bizarre boss. I love that you can get medals. Wish it was a bit longer. The animation was good. Overall A.

good game

This is a good game but if am at the end boss i respawn in heaven even if i am not dead


how do you get the make an old man happy badge

im super!

i got all medals accept 1 secret medal