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Reviews for "Pico's Ludo Vengeance"

can't beat it
and the poptropica ads are annoying
nobody plays poptropica
either way this was an epic game

Okay I think I found a useful explanation to the bug that is killing this game right now.

I did have to decompile your code in order to figure out why pressing spacebar isn't working for the last scene.

Sprite 914 has two segments of code on frame 435. One stops the sprite from moving to the next frame, while the other is supposed to override the previous bit of code if the space key is pressed.

For some unknown reason, the latter isn't working on Chrome browsers, on the latest version of flash. Asynchronous calls can't excuse this, because the frame right after doesn't have text.

I'd recommend putting the stop code on the frame immediately before and using the gotoandstop() function instead. It's not likely the flash player developer would fix this problem, so this is the path of least resistance here.

Without this bug existing, I would be able to get the last two medals this game has.

Then again, the accounts that made this game seem to be dead.

All the best

pretty good game just that the button space for the funky hen dose'nt work im not sure if you could even save Nene and Darnell

the space button doesn't work in the chicken part :(

I really liked it, but got stuck on the Hen/Space part