Reviews for "Adventures in the Vatican"

Simple, topical and amusing

What more can we really say - it's a great little game, even with the way it works for a loss. I think I'd have preferred to see it used as the cardinal getting kicked out of the church or going to hell, so a little more artwork on your part certainly would not have gone amiss. I'm not a fan of tracing, so real art work would have certainly lifted your score.

With the way that it's come together as a whole piece, I think that you've got a great piece, but it does get limited with no real story in addition to the news about the Pope and Paedophile priests, which as we all know is nothing new. Perhaps get different scenarios and the Vatican goes on high alert, so there could be a bonus round, where the Pope does something stupid to get attention and divert the paparazzi away from the real news?

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Rabid-Animals responds:

Thanks, Coop. I like the suggestions, and now the difficult part is programming, drawing, and producing it all.


Fun little diversion, and Yakkety Sax doesn't get used nearly often enough. I liked it.

Rabid-Animals responds:


And +500 points for recognizing Yakkety Sax.

Simply beautiful

It's all a metaphor for 9/11, isn't it?

Rabid-Animals responds:


Not that much fun nor well drawn...

...but at least it tries to exposé the corrupt officials of the catholic church. Ratzinger, our current Pope, hid the past of a priest named Lawrence Murphy and then sent him to work for the Diocese of Superior, WI, which just happens to be the town I live in. This was not the only pedophile priest Ratzinger covered for. A few months ago Vatican documents from the Murphy investigation showed that he had raped and molested over 200 boys. Our pope thought that it was more important to protect the reputation of this monster rather than defend the innocent children involved. Makes you think if he should be the leader of the Christian World. Murphy died before these documents were discovered so he was never brought to justice.

Rabid-Animals responds:

lol wut

Love the theme

I love the realistic theme man! so 7/10 for that :D
Some points for improvement though: Game has no difficulty whatsoever. I think i had about 45 seconds of playtime before reaching the end:P
Maybe making levels harder as you go would be an idea?
Maybe new photographer bashing upgrades?