Reviews for "Adventures in the Vatican"

Black humor at it's finest.

While this game could need some improvements (more than one reporter in one level, better graphics,some sound bits and so forth), this game actually made me laugh hard,simply because of the bitter irony (and mostly because of the Benny Hill Theme as the background music).

If I might add one more suggestion,add some secret level where the charging Cardinal is instead Pedobear.

Rabid-Animals responds:

You get ten points for recognizing the Benny Hill Theme.


this was great, haha. just wish it were longer/harder. There was only one that took longer then a second for me. perfect music, and in between levels were funny too. good jorb. i think a more in depth version would be great success, yes.

Rabid-Animals responds:

Might make a sequel.

Also, you said "just wish it were longer/harder."

offensive; I love it!

hilarious, but way to short. 4/5 ; 9/10.

Rabid-Animals responds:



Catholic is a branch of Christianity, in fact, it's the first branch to exist.

Rabid-Animals responds:

Correct! Now the $1000 question...

It's ok

You could've hidden the reporters better and maybe added a few more obstacles. Plus more levels would be nice. If this gam ewhere done more thoroughly with a bit more depth it might actually be very good. But for a quick fix of fun I still enjoyed it. You may pass for now.

Also the Vatican is Catholic not Christian

Rabid-Animals responds: