Reviews for "Adventures in the Vatican"

Being pope and raping kids never was so fun
The graphics are simple and nice. Gameplay is fun
However a bit too easy, you should hide the reporter better and add some more levels



Rabid-Animals responds:


I lol'd

I laughed, I cried... I think I know you IRL.

Rather, I know your sister. BUT I DIGRESS

This was funny, and I respect the one-liners before each round. I approve.
Also being Jewish makes this easier to accept.

Rabid-Animals responds:

I'll allow it.

better than most

i liked the premise, the music was entertaining -- the difficulty lacked, but then again, i don't think you were shooting for it being a challenge game; just fun to see come together. i like this.

Rabid-Animals responds:

Hey, hey, hey! You really got the game. Glad you enjoyed it!

A true masterpiece!

Of course, this is all symbolic to the economy's slow decline in the past decade. Pure genius.

Rabid-Animals responds:

You sir, are reminiscent of Voltaire, but younger, more spry, and infinitely more attractive.