Reviews for "Sellout - LordOfTheRings"


This could be a documentary.

Love it!

This is so true how hollywood butchers the stories to just sell them. And this stupid bitch with the dog - omg what a character!

Voice Actors sound similar to Home Movies.

Dido to Librarysage. I would even go so far as to say a lot of the voice acting sounds similar to Home Movies. Good animation and concept. Keep them coming.

Drugs are great!

I'm so glad drugs exist... either drugs or boredom... whichever played a larger role in the making of this flash.

I read the comments below and I just wish I had a floppy white glove to go around challenging all these fools to a duel (via face-smack, no less).

I'll address them individually, at least some :)

"boring" - Um... did you need some explosions, sex or farting sounds? Maybe a power ballad mixed in there? I'm not saying it was ACTION PACKED... but comedy isn't supposed to be EXCITING. It's supposed to be clever, and bring a smile to your face, and sometimes make a point you can't make otherwise: "Humor is truth only faster"

"girl going on about dog" - So... do you presume to say that that section of dialogue was meant to make the watcher piss themselves? Well, my friend... you're dumb. Or young. I apologize if it's only the latter and not the former. I also apologize if it's both the latter and the former, but I don't apologize if it's the former but not the latter. I also don't apologize if it is neither the former nor the latter. Can I say neither and nor together? Anyways, her going on about the dog, I think, was supposed to convey her absolute intellectual detachment from the matter at hand...

"I didn't like changing the names" - Why? What do you even me by that? That kind of criticism just makes me think the whole fucking thing was *SWOOSH* ~ right over your head. I'm kind of scared that you might actually think the author of the flash thought that the movie would have been better with these "improvements"... oh noes! D:

Anyways... despite apparently being misunderstood by some, hell - maybe even me, I found this to be pretty good. Nothing like some good old drug/boredom induced creativity pulling through FTW :)

sirjeffofshort responds:

Haha, thank you for the well stated review, although I will defend my honor as an artist and say that this cartoon came out of neither drugs nor boredom haha. Not trying to stand on a soap box and preach or anything, partaking in in such things just isn't my bag.

You were spot on as to what we were trying to do and say with the cartoon, you definitely get it haha. (and you were right, there were some people who actually did think that we were suggesting that these 'improvements' would truly be for the best, although I kind expected that going in.) Thanks for the review, I hope to hear from you again on our future cartoons.


good music and drawings but kinda boring