Reviews for "Sellout - LordOfTheRings"


that was a really good thingto put the wheels in so funny! HA!

i laughed

i loved it, very funny stuff. for me, the best parts were Sauron's rant and the Frodo/Sam scene towards the end. The girl going on about the dog wasn't too funny, nor was changing the names, but I like that you pulled it all back together in the end with the audience comments. That was very smart, the sort of well planned and executed comedy that you don't see a lot of in these little flash videos. the audience scene really helped tie everything together and give a sense of continuity and fluidity to the short. i give it a 9 because to me it was funny, but it missed the mark of being truly hilarious. also, i am glad that you were able to make a LOTR parody without referencing "THE ONE RING" by legendaryfrog.

cool video

nice job kinda boring thow but had its funny moments


this is me giving you the ring.... and this is me taking th e ring 0.o hahha nice line


not exactly my type of humor. the drawings are good. and the music is good too. and there were some good parts (the "after-movie" talk)