Reviews for "Sellout - LordOfTheRings"


Fell of my chair XD Now my head hurts >_< And about the "Lord Of The Rings" guy... Seems that someone have played too much Overlord there :P


I am humbled. Someone finally did it and im glad it was you. That was hilarious words can not describe how funny that was. Fantastic job my friend. -V65

Laughing so hard my jaw hurts!

Just wanted to say thankyou very much for this, I laughed so hard. I often get accused of having an odd sense of humor. I did not laugh at all through SuperBad, 40 year-old virgin, or The Hangover (except maybe a chuckle or two when Mike Tyson was singing) I laughed myself hoarse at this!


Good Stuff!


that was f*king funny realy i laught my ass off it was so damn funny that was a long time i have sean a damn funny film like that plz guys plz make anohter whone that whot realy make a great hit

Sam & Frodo? Sick!