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Reviews for "Sonic Shits"

Of course!!!

They we're fucking bored lol


o_o shadow masturbandose se hiso la del berdugo jeje

Pretty stupid

I know this is for april fool's, but it just isn't funny in the least. only a few are amusing. Sonic Paradox should've been working on the next Sonic Shorts instead of this junk. Sorry, but it is a disappointment.

hee hee

this is cool epc wn

*typing*typing*typing*WOO I'M ON FIRES!!!

it was an April fools and is meant to be funny and retarded, so don't hate bitches.
I also have many different responses to this.
1.)Shadow does get off to how awesomely he thinks of himself

2.)No matter how crappy some are, there are some running jokes, some that have good animation, and good voice actors

3.)If you've been on Newgrounds for the right amount of time you've seen the crappy collabs that are hastily thrown together and lack any creativity or thought, some of which are actually trying to make fun of better flash creators. This is in a way a parody of those horse-shit collabs and this deserves to be respected

4.)This collab coined this phrase-"Sonic's the name, HOLY SHIT, look at those titties!!!" and is PERFECTION 5/5 10/10