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Reviews for "Sonic Shits"


this is so bootleg

Calm down people!

For everyone who can't take a joke, this flash was posted on April 1st, for the lol. It must NOT be taken as an insult, but rather as an April Fools joke.


that was ... well ... that was ... in a way ... horrible

Review Short By Short.

Sonic Gyros - Weird, But Also Funny! 9/10

Tails' First Appearance Parody - Who Would've Thought This Was Made By The Same Guy Who Did The Original? 8/10

Sonic Trips - Stupid! The Trip Part Was Funny Though! 6/10

HHHAAARRRGGGHHH!!! - Only Gets Funny When It Gets Beserk. 7/10

Do Flash For Me. - Dude, I'd Totally Do That Flash For You! If I Had Flash Though. 9/10

Fire's Everywhere! Mario. - What's Mario Doing Here? This Is Sonic Shits! 8/10

Sonic Eats Ring. - HAHAHAHAHA! 9/10

Underwear! - I Got Nothing. 5/10

CCAAKKEE!! - Excellent! This Is The Funnyest Short So Far! I Even Drew A Picture Of It! 10/10

Fire's Everywhere! Sonic. - Lol! Friction! 8/10

Arms And Beans. Part 1. - Is It Tessco Or Tesca? Do They Sell Beans There? This Is The Best By Far! 10/10

I'm A Mother Fucking Gangster! - Sonic Sure Is Dirty! Especially With That Computer Program Voice! 9/10

Fan Service! - Fuck! This Is The Most Amazing Thing I've Seen In My Life! How Can Females Have Stiffies? 11/10

Silver Smoking Weed. - I Just Don't Get This One. Silver Looks Relaxed! Why Does Tails Call Him Weed? 7/10

What Color Is My Fart? - It's Brown! This One Sucks. 6/10

Egg-BBLLAARRGGHH!! - Lol! Sonic's A Hedgehog! - 7/10

LOL XD - So.. Sonic Chewed A Stick And Then Farted Up... Yeah... 8/10

Shadow Jizz - I AM THE ULTIMATE! Lol! 9/10

wHy I hUrT sO mUcH?! - Just... Hilarious! 9/10

Cannibalism - Nice Play On Words! 10/10

Knux Has An Idea Parody - Alot Different From The Original, Though This One's Funnyer! 9/10

Running! Jumping! Destroying! - This Is Cute! 8/10

I.. HAVE... CCRRAABBSS!! - Hilarious! 9/10

Fire's Everywhere! Eggman. - Are All These Fie Parts Done By Separate People? 7/10
Creepy Sonic Face - WTF! 9/10

Sonic Gets Launched. - Around A Year Or 2 Before This Cam Out, I Had I Similar Idea To This! 8/10

THE EMO!!! Parody - Shadow Was Funnyer, Sonic Wasen't. 8/10

Biggest Shit I've Ever Taken! - Crap. 5/10

Arms And Beans. Part 2. - You're Right! Frankly Is A Dick! This IS better Than Part 1! 10/10

Final Verdict - Mostly Hilarious With Some Crappy Shorts Too. The Terribleness Of The Animation Only Makes Them Funnyer! I Laughed All The Way Through, Whilst Some Where Unfuny. 8.1/10

Final Short - This One Wasn't Very Good. It's OK Though. 6/10


I am a Gangster WTF LOL!