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Reviews for "Sonic Shits"


It was so awful... that it was AWESOME!!!

god that was bad but kinda seemed to be the point

i will review it anyways
1. dumb
2. looked like the short from 6 vollume but with terrible animation and bad voice acting.
3. dumb
4. ok they are not taking this seriously at all guess thats the point
5. ehhh annoying i cant believe i am watching this...lol
6. that was ok but it was mario...
7. underwear!
9. more fire
10. god what is he saying terrible voice acting
11............this is bad....
12. oh god that was the worst one yet!
13. ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not as bad as the others but still bad
14. bad
15. dumb
16.god that was bad
17. inapropriate probably thats why it wasnt aired
18. ...
19. not too bad actually
20. this was already a short just turned to crap.
21. lol idk why but i laughed
22. stupid.
23. terrible
24. dont get it
25. horrible
26. unwatchable
27. ehhhh i dont want to finish watching this lol
28. i never wanted something to end so much....
29. not funny but well animated
i think it was called shits for a reason. lol that was horrible but once again i am guessing thats the point

All pieces have fallen into their place

In the original "great idea" short Knuckles said "It's the best idea since UNDERWEAR"
Now we know where that underwear came from


To bumblebeeman13-



Are those 'mature' parts only there to raise the rating so little kids won't think this is funny because of the random childish jokes? That's too bad, because this also funny in a totally childish way. And of course there are the very very clever references to the Sonic Shorts :P