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Reviews for "(Don't) Save the Princess"

One Of My Levels...

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nice! had me goin for a while, good job!


Pretty challenging...
Great Job^^

Sweet Game!

Loved the concept, fun game, add some harder levels at the end imo lol. Loved the Editor, fun making your own levels, here's mine (medium difficulty): 06547418961Ea05D7cE05CCC9C9eA93F081E7 bc1eNpVj7EOwjAMRG3HFRMDJEXqTzGyFzEide brj7PTFOHGyfXlnMST3Lft+Znksb7e6ywiZ+a JaUzd16EzABhGGP5+UeD8zHFDGJ3DOYl635dk hy5cWmtZSa1Gp/I87TCrLGw/WD19KI5ZLCzXP HNnWaCQS6iD1Q6pltjYGWGBLJS1vzVYdhNt1t pfWvudA0aMDjTnL4Axq5g=

Great game

Finally beat it. Actually makes you think about your options. great job!