Reviews for "Save Blizzard"

Donation been made

I love to see so many people selflessly giving money to help someone in a rough spot, I gave you 20$, hope it helps.

holy c**p that's heartwarming

i'd love to donate since my parents raised me while fostering injured animals, but I just can't spare any money (stupid sister spending all my friggin money)

SamGreen responds:

It's okay I've reached the goal anyway! Thanks to everyone out there that helped!

heatfire0 is a dick

heatfire0 is perfetic, i have a dog my self and i have come to realize that i love my dog as i would love any member of my family and i would be as sad if my dog died than if my brother died. heartfire0s comment was very inappropriate no one wants to hear that shit man get a life.


Poor little puppy so sad
i would give money but i dont have any
ill save some up for you buddy ok


Is Blizzard OK now. Blizzard is SO CUTE!!!!!