Reviews for "Save Blizzard"

Hope everything works out.

As soon as I logged on to Ng i saw your "Save Blizzard" message on the artist news thing. I read your entry and it was very sad to hear what happened to your dog. I wish I could donate a little money but I'm sort of strapped for cash, plus I dont have a credit card. I hope a lot of people will pitch in some cash for you dude.
And good luck on your future animations.

I cannot donate, for I too am strapped for cash.

However, I did spread the word via Facebook to aid Blizzard. I truly hope things turn out for the best and if I do get money, I will donate.


That's sad man, sad indeed. As much as I would love to donate I can't, So I'm sorry. But you have almost reached the 4k! So Best of Luck.



ok hey guys do you want him to help his dog my cat once needed surgery and it costed 600 bucks and he got it so lets try to help him oh and EVERGOD41 YOU CAN GO FUCK YOUR SELF COME ON GUY S LETS HELP OUT!


Aw poor blizzard... i wish i had the money to help. :(