Reviews for "Save Blizzard"

I liked it.

It's a great kid's story. :) You're a good storyteller too.

How sad :(

This is truly a beautiful Flash, and a great kids' story, but I alos feel sorry for your Dog!

I wish you luck with the donation, and it's good to see that Newgrounds donated $1000 Dollars :D


Save Blizzard!

I'm glad to have helped you out in your cause. To everyone out there, please help this doggy. I've donated some, and plan to donate more if need be. As for this story, and the flash....it was wonderful. Thank you, Sam, for caring that much for your doggy. You're an inspiration to all of us animal lovers out there. :)


Congratulations on making your goal! =D

Be sure to submit another flash after Blizzard's surgery! I'm sure a lot of us, including myself, will want to know how you and Blizzard are doing.

Gah, =(

Man, great flash and all but that's terrible what happened. Next paycheck I'll donate to help Blizzard out. Hope he can get the surgery.