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Reviews for "TTK Game Demo"

Very cool I like :D

Just great :) Did you get authorisation to make this?

TheTOMEKnights responds:

Authorisation from who? Capcom for using their battle style? Sorry, we did not. Or do you mean the creators of the fan-series this game uses characters from? Yes we asked ourselves and we said yes. Thanks for the 10. ~Tails Clock

Sorry, but nothing in here belongs to Kirbopher. It's all Capcom's. But I plan on using some characters from his series so I would need authorization for that. ~Dannydk6

10 Stars!?!

the 10 stars isnt for what it is...its for what it can become. good concept, if you really worked on it, it could be playable and maybe even addictive. love the marioRPG music at the end...good times...good times

lol it's ok

I know its a demo but there is a lot that could be fixed.
The green guy goes quieter as the game goes on.
Mario just moves to fast and has stupid moved.
the sprites seem blury in some squares.
mabey the attack with the blade could do more dammage.
could use better pics next to the name.
i dont think the hp should go in minus numbers.
Could do with some blood at the end when u kill the opponent.

I hope this can help you and good luck.

TheTOMEKnights responds:

If IPWNZZU (He's not Mario) moved any slower he would not be much of a challenge. What is stupid about his moves? I did not see any blurryness. The voice is pretty quiet on "Mine Bomb" but it didn't seem to get quieter to me. THe blade move, for having such short range could probably do we doing more damage. What's wrong with their avatars? If there's a way to code away -hp then sure it makes sense to not let it go that far down. Blood... Well that just seems inapropriate to me. ~Tails Clock

Sorry about the voice quality, I did it too low when recorded it. ~Brocky

Not bad actually

Decent sound and gameplay, couldn't do any hyper moves though like mario :(

Needs more levels and characters..(Hence demo)

You could make it into a Mugen type game...

Who remembers Mugen!? 'Absolutely sick'!

TheTOMEKnights responds:

There's actually a TTA Mugen game already being made by me. However I am getting very little help with it. I don't know any other TTA fans who can do Mugen coding, but if you do or can do it yourself, I;d appreicate if you could help me out with it ~Tails Clock