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Reviews for "TTK Game Demo"

Not bad actually

Decent sound and gameplay, couldn't do any hyper moves though like mario :(

Needs more levels and characters..(Hence demo)

You could make it into a Mugen type game...

Who remembers Mugen!? 'Absolutely sick'!

TheTOMEKnights responds:

There's actually a TTA Mugen game already being made by me. However I am getting very little help with it. I don't know any other TTA fans who can do Mugen coding, but if you do or can do it yourself, I;d appreicate if you could help me out with it ~Tails Clock

Has alot of potential

I hate to be the one to have a lower score, but I do want to say I did like this demo, but after all it is just a demo. I think it does have alot of potential, but it's not quite there yet. I hope the final game has some sort of 3rd person zelda/final fantasy-esque map to walk around to get to these battles.

I'd also like to point out that the CPU player doesn't follow the same rule set as the player of the game. I think it would add to the game if the CPU character had to move square to square as you do... I guess he could be, but the delay isn't there... If that's so, add some sort of delay... It seems like he can teleport to random parts of his square... odd. Oh, and maybe use bitmap sprites for the display pictures of the characters at the top aswell... Maybe it's just me but vector imagery doesn't seem to go with bitmap sprites...

Well, sorry for the lower rating, but I do really want to check out the final version when it's released.

TheTOMEKnights responds:

The CPU player's movement is how the player should move too, but as the movement uses the cursor keys it does make that quite the impossibility. Perhaps if it's possible the numpad could be used to choose which square to go to for the player.
As for the vector VS Bitmap art, that's just the style of the series, sorry that you don't like it. ~Tails Clock

I swear that I left the character completely stopped and I pressed the button '' S '' that's where this drugged Mario was beat at the pump every holy hour and died ... poor Mario