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Reviews for "TTK Game Demo"

Very nice

i would like more than two attacks but yeah this was great.

I do think kirbopher might let you use them, i mean he was so nice to me when i asked him questions. go ahead i'm sure you can do it.

Being a Fan of TTA, I must say this is awesome.

You captured exactly how the battle goes in TTA. Just don't forget ultimate moves or like, Alpha and Kirbo in game. Those 2 were bad-ass.

Keep up the great work.

TheTOMEKnights responds:

It looks like I might not be getting permission to use them :( ~Dannydk6


SO will you be making the real version with Chacters to chose from or is it just this?

TheTOMEKnights responds:

This be a demo, sir. If I get Kirbo's permission, I will use TTA characters as well. ~Dannydk6

if this is just the demo....

I REALLY can't wait for the real thing. Quick question tho', are we gonna be able to make our own characters, or are we limited to those in the actual show?

Other than that, pretty cool. I'm now impressed.

TheTOMEKnights responds:

Ill make as many playable characters as possible. Go on the forum and submit your sheet. ~Dannydk6


good going duude