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Reviews for "Air Pressure"

Wonderful game.

I like the amount of emotion and depth the main character has, and like said in-game, the girl is oblivious to his feelings. It is kind of short, and I hope that you will make a similar game (with a suitable length and the same amount of depth) I do think that the ending (the "happy" ending) may confuse a considerable amount of people, so you may want to improve on that, but overall it's a good game.


Never saw something like this on newgrounds but i like it!


This is a very emotional game, and it had me interested for a good period of time. However, I would like to see more options in the dialogue to make it easier for a person to make their way towards a clearly happy or clearly sad ending, not just a lot of in between answers and endings. It's good, but with some work I think it could be great.


Very touching story, but instead of a plain slideshow some little animation would've been great.