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Reviews for "Air Pressure"

The meaning behind the endings/game

First off, I am going to explain whats going on in the third paragraph. If you're a newgroundser and want to avoid the ***HUGE SPOILER*** then don't read that last paragraph. Or just jump right to it if you dont get what the story is about. Extremely extremely well done and interestng way to approach this all. I was so confused til i got my first ending (the hospital one) scratched my head for a minute and then figured it out. Being mean to her just further illucidated what was going on and that my original idea was right.

love the graphics. love the minimalist music because it is both very pretty to listen to and sort of sets the vibe correctly for what this guy is going through. all in all extremely pleasurable point n click game.

Now what is the story about? The girl is a physical embodiment of an IV drug addiction. Thus why she is quite literally affixed to his left arm and how the nurse comments hes lucky he missed his nerves and arteries. Try being mean to her and her comments definitely make this quite clear.


It was a pretty cool analogy for what I'm sure a lot of people go through. Although in my experience with addictions, this isn't really how it plays out in my head. Either way though, you took a classic plot device and turned it into something pretty fresh and added some nice aesthetics as well. Good job!


I've watched all the endings, and I finally realised who is this girl, and how does getting closer to her relate to waking up in a hospital.

That certain thing he doesn't want the others to find out.. amazing..

Potential Spoilers

At first, I thought he was just a waffling, scared-of-commitment guy who was having problems manning up and either commiting to her or breaking up with her as a love interest.

But then I realized she was a figment of his imagination, and he was hating himself for needing to have her around. I'm still unsure why he created her. But he was going through this ordeal of trying to get rid of her or stay with her.

At least, that's the ending I got from the decisions I made. It could take a different turn based on the ending you get.

Interesting story. Graphics were good, but the music started to annoy.

Nice game.

I did enjoy it...But I have no idea why you wake up in hospital at one point...It doesn't really explain....Eh. I wanna know though!

Message me if you don't wanna spoil it for others!

Nice art, nice colours...It was just a nice game. :D