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Reviews for "Air Pressure"


from my opinion no perfect end :(


i got all 3 endings! 3 out of 3 times!

i was wondering why he was in the hospital though? it just seemed out of place.
really cool concept though, and 1 of these pretained to me... im not going to say it but, it was true (hint*hint* "a month")


very deep i like it!!


I understand now. The guy feels dependant on his girlfriend. His world would collapse if she would leave. but if he has enough courage, he can make the right decision and not be dependant on her. This dependency is so strong, that this guy even feels physical uncomfortability from time to time. A marvellous work, a touching story. Every couple sooner or later goes through this. What is funny is this: the guy always is happy about his choice, even if it is a good one or not :D

Another deep hidden message

It's amazing how many people don't understand your work. I won't spoil anything, but I've narrowed it down to the girl being a couple different things, just haven't quite pinpointed which one yet.

raitendo responds:

this one's not exactly my work though, I just ported it to flash.