Reviews for "EBE 2: Electric Boogaloo"

Nice :D

This Realy Waz Nice And That Candy Thing Was Funniest :D

Author comments...

Story of my life. You sir have my respect and admiration. May many more mythical creatures fart into your earholes.

Boo Yah!

It was nice to hear Grandmaster Flash in a Flash movie. Good work.


all you peeps claiming thievery...read the credits real close, and take a gander at whatever is on your iPod. Chances are, there's some theft going on there. Quit being a stupid tool. People steal shit. Deal with it, or don't. No one really cares anyway.


S13g responds:

Indeed to much cannibalism! <3


Pretty epic

I always love flashes that make fun of stereotypes...this one had some really good ideas in it, the voice acting was also really good, but the sound quality could be better.
Also, the Adam Phillips Worshipper part was not that good...it didn't make sense.
All in all, very nice.Make moar.

S13g responds:

And moar you shall have! :3


You once again incorporated Newgrounds reviewer stereotypes into a single flash! My only complaint is the Adam Phillips Worshipper bit... That went a bit too far... O_o

P.S.: Karate Kid FTW.

S13g responds:

You say Adam Phillips worshiper bit went to far.....I say it didn't go far enough! :3