Reviews for "EBE 2: Electric Boogaloo"


lmao... so funny and true! Great flash!

i liked this

I can see and understand what other reviewers are saying but I have to say I enjoyed this flash because the stereotypes are easily recognisable and are portrayed well

didnt find it funny at all

5 stars was for the effort.
the comedy was cheesy, no originality, stereotypes which is a boring subject,sort of childish(which i accept because some chilidsh joke are still funny).

slightly entertaining.

S13g responds:

The stereo types are community made blood.


Some scenes are funny, but in a whole a lot of them just seem to be some sort of fillers. They lengthen the flash and make it boring...
Fun sometimes but boring overall.

S13g responds:

Man, that ADD is a world class bitch isn't it?

On the fence with this one

This flash is your typical newgrounds stuff, genuine humour 1 minute and wtfs the rest of the time. It's a good idea, using peoples reviews as inspiration the problem here is keeping context. Giving you a 5 because I can't decide what to do with all that flash copypasta you did. You can't tell me none of those drawings were copied from other flash movies.

S13g responds:

The only part that was not actually drawn by me was the Phoenix Wright.

If originality is this important, be sure to throw away any hip-hop cd's or family guy dvds into the garbage. sorry.