Reviews for "EBE 2: Electric Boogaloo"

Newbie Package

Great VID, No hentai pls get a life XD HAHHAAHHAA

A must view

Every NG newcomer should receive a mail with this animation in it.

S13g responds:

If only they did, ah but we can dream! :3

What a enjoyable peace of art.

I like it very much. You should do more of this.
Ich finde euch toll.

S13g responds:

Danke vielmals.

great_t sir.

made me laugh from beginning to the end..i loved the "80's references..10/10/10

Rainbows and farts

Good points + good voice + decent animation makes a good movie to watch.
Even if it is somewhat a punch in the stomach ;)

I try to avoid to become the type of reviewer you protraited here but often decline into one the roles here to some level :D.

But hey we reviewers arent the only ones that can be assholes some artist believe that if a reviewer cant make the same quality movie as them that their review holds no value only based on that given.

For example if you cant cook well. try imaging coming to a restaurant and getting raw meat on your plate and the moment you complain the chef comes in saying "well i can cook darn better than you" :)
I am tyring to say that u dont always have to be a chefcook to know that you will be spending the next 30 minutes in the toillet with a sweaty face and painfull expresion in your face :)

Now to make myself a bit usefull as reviewer:
- the tentacle holding the radio drawing was drawed like his arm was not connected

there ya go ;)