Reviews for "EON"

Fluid Dynamics the game

Honestly though its never been done this well.

Their have been similar concepts on the Magnetism and propulsion concepts but none so well used and tied into other concepts.


Relaxing, beautiful game. (Aesthetically and in thought.)

Well-deserved 10/10

simply amazing.

amazing game dude, love it.
games like this one are so fun, make a second one!
and i agree with the guy right below me that a skip button for the intro to the game would be nice but that small thing doesnt decrease my score!

oh and needs more music transitions.


beautiful game and awesome!

Oh, man up, Newgrounds.

"I can't be bothered to spend five minutes of my precious gaming time to chill out and have fun watching particle effects! It's SUCH a heinous crime to ask players to learn to think with gravity wells! BOOOOOO-HOOOOOO"

sheesh, the music is relaxing and the visual is pretty and fun to watch. The folks complaining about not getting how gravity wells work spoonfed to them are going to have boring lives, always charging ahead to the goal ASAP and no patience to learn for their fun. Hobbies? No sir, I can't be bothered to learn something new for my enjoyment.