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Reviews for "EON"

just wow...

The begining got me. It's awesome!
Even thought there was a black box at start...
it was the Newgrounds' logo
I like the music

Fucking Awesome

Two Thumbs up for this game!!!

Simply Majestic

I have always had a fondness for space physics manipulating games, but this one simply takes the medal. The simplicity mixed in with the almost memorizing music help to draw away from the fact that the art is in pixels, but the unique combination also give more meaning to the chosen graphic as particles blend in, out and about. While the controls on the bottom were a bit visually challenging to navigate but overall were player friendly. The level editor was quite fun I must say, got me addicted for an hour or two.


Okay, I loved this game. Great gameplay, great everything. Even when I had to finish the level, I spent about ten minutes on each one making kick-ass shapes.

I hate ONE thing though. I hate people who complain about GRAPHICS. What kind of loser only looks for GRAPHICS in a game?

simple but addicting

one of my favoite games :D