Reviews for "WTFuture"

Futurama...Only Funnier!

It's just so Professional! The Jokes were great and I felt like the Story was so strong! It wasn't just an episode full of Jokes...but I felt like it had a plot! I mean, most of the 'Eddisodes' do have a Plot...But with a Title like 'WTFuture' I expected something like Edd and Tom and Matt finding a Time Machine and Travel to key moments in history... But no...It was so much better than I expected! Sometimes I feel Eddsworld is too good for the Internet...It needs to be on TV! The Plot was just...OH MY GOD...EPIC...It now takes over as my Favourite Eddisode!
Plus I gotta mention the Easter Eggs! Like the Background Characters and you can even see a Tardis in the Background! But Anyway...It's not just Random Eddsworld Humour...it's an Epic Comedic Eddisode...wait...that's the same...what are you doing reading my Review? I HIGHLY RECOMEND IT!!!

You will not be Disappointed!


w00t I saw this alrdy on youtube, but the quality wasn't very good yet so I decided to watch it here ^^ It's just damn awesome!
But u can still improve a bit on the art ^^ It's very nice and stuff, but keep practicing.

wait that was an insult!

lol best eddisode since moving targets


& under judgement too, great movie edd!
its soo funny!

Best thing you've done since Moving Targets

The animation and backgrounds were the best you've ever done and the story was really well executed. The little in-jokes were good too; my favorites included the animation stopping completely and the future Edd going back to the past episode. Overall nice job.