Reviews for "WTFuture"

i agree with angelic

alot of old, tired jokes, and most of them felt forced. but it had its moments. i think if you had edited it to be shorter i would have liked it more.

Pretty Good

Decent idea, could have been better with more enthuiastic voice acting and faster moving scenes.

pretty good

quite funny,good animation although the gas peddle is on the right not the left.

I am watching...

while I'm writing. I have to say, this is definitely one of your better concepts in flash movies. Your talent and skills, when it comes to flash movies, never ceases to amaze me...and that isn't an insult.

Very spectacular, although a little bit buggy and edgy in different places here and there. It just looks un-natural in some different parts. I can't really give any instances, knowing that they're just little bugs in just every little knook and cranny; since most of your viewers probably don't look towards and on through the inner details, nothing will be of trouble. Of course, this won't go un-biased.

~Voice Acting~
Whenever it comes to voices, Edd, you in peticular, it just doesn't seem that you don't get into character. No insults or anything of the sort to you, it just plain bothers me a lot. For instance, whenever something exciting happens, you're still pretty quiet. Although, you're improving by far of what you were before-hand. All voices were well-done though.

The art was same-old same-old: very cartoony and very different...although, at the same time, so much the same. Different amounts of particular effects didn't seem to be an issue here. The art was probably one of the better aspects of this animation.

If you can get this done in about a year's worth of work including a bunch of different small animations in-between it....although, I have no idea when you have started on this. I'm only assuming that you started once you had a little break from Movie Makers being finished.

Great Job.

Overall: 7/10, 4/5.

eh its ok

well good stuff its funny but its a little off but still its good