Reviews for "WTFuture"

Great work!

Very entertaining story, it could of been a little longer though. Everything was also well made and detailed, keep up the good work.


Eddworld its the best!
i liked so much this EDDisode
Make more hehe xP


omg loved it i liked the tardis on the street and the bad wolf on the wall and it was so clever how future edd went bk in time to 2005 and the first zombie natation this was no dout the best eddisode ever!

It really got better!

At first I was asking why he wanted to kill himself, when he could have just killed himself in the future, but I am just being nitpicky. There were a lot of great jokes, especially the one about him getting cancer because of that laser thing. The Superguy bit with the guy being only killed by a laser was great as well. It looked like it was turning into a YouTube Poop at one point, but it was just something wrong with the design. You really never stop coming up with new and crazy ideas. The animation is as good as ever too.


you guys are getting better and better and better :D

i thought your videos could never get any better than that video camera one but i was wrong.

Only thing i can tell you is to always serch for something new ;)

Amazing job per usual