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Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"


this is a good game...
The people who don't think so are spoiled by today's graphics. btw the gameplay was superb.


I don't quite get what's with all the bad reviews complaining about the game play and how hard it is... That's the point of the game. It's supposed to be complex. Stop complaining about it or I'll have to call whine-one-one and get you a WHAAAAmbulance.

Anyways, this was fantastic. I like how you added the equilibrium into the game. I love how you can assume other aspects of organisms that do not include just humans. It makes you think about the universe and other lifeforms not of this earth... The three characters all have interesting concepts and problems that could compare to a human as well. It's like saying, "Humans aren't the only ones with problems," which I agree with (if there's aliens out there, anyways). This game was a lot of fun to play and learn about the characters and the main idea of each storyline. It's a nice platform game with an intriguing concept, and the complexity of the game just makes it even more interesting. Each character's life seems to revolve around a nice point and a meaning. I also like how you made the mothers seem overprotective or caring; makes this seem a bit comical.

Anyways, great game. 10'd, 5'd and fav'd.

Don't let 2-dimensional minded people get you down

by: PufferBluntman
date: 40 minutes agoGeesh, some people are so agressivly stupid they want everything to be as flat as their minds.
I don't care what some fools say - this is brilliant, brilliant, and brilliant.

Agreed. The game had an interesting concept opposed to what those other game-bashers say. P.S. DON'T READ COMMENTS BEFORE YOU PLAY THE GAME. THEY'RE MOSTLY BIASED ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.


I haven't written any reviews lately but this game was truly awesome. The dialogue, the story, music, the whole dying world thing. This is what babies dream of? Something so epic comes together in such a simple, unassuming package.

Incredible. I don't how you thought this up but thank you.

Interesting and Philosophical.

Very interesting idea, and a really strange gravitational pull towards nothing, if gravity even truely exists in our world, since I hear it's just a theory.

On a note, I still remember what I dreamt as a baby.
It was nothing. And the first thing I see is a television in front of me.
But, I have a foggy memory, some say.