Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"

This game is brilliant!

The whole "The more far you are from the center, the less high you jump" thing is like a brand whole new world with it's own unique physics you have created, and which could have been our world in other circumstances (I heard something about that our physics were "chosen" right after the big bang), or it can exist in other dimensions, or other cool phyosophycal things. It is also fun.

Im typing this while crying of happinnes

I swear, this is the best game ever, 5/5 10/10 and favorite, youre my hero dude


Dont know why this didnt get Weekly 1st


I love how your games tell stories.

This game was simplistic yet intriguing.
Only this I think you maybe should have added was an actual ending of the worlds scene. But maybe you left it out on purpose. It would have satisfied the player more and wrapped everything up, otherwise it feels a little empty at the end.

I made me wonder, what do babies dream of after all, before they know anything about the world?


so deep
man your games are truly pieces of art