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Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"

Excellent title!!

Babies are so smart in this game!!!!!

excellent concept.

The actual idea behind the game is a really.. strange blend of confusion, mystery and sadness. The gameplay is decent but is difficult for the wrong reasons. For instance, the only hard parts are getting out of areas that seem like they should be easily navigated. The main plot tree that i enjoyed was mell's, because it was the only one that gave any real insight into the strange world.

I really wish you would have expanded more on the story you were portraying, i was disappointed when there was no main ending after completing all three plot tree's, not even a conclusive 'the end', almost like theres some kind of hidden ending that I just hadn't achieved yet.

All in all though, i'm still very glad i chose to play this game because of the emotional aspect. To try and imagine a 'dead' world vastly different from our own only moments before it's collapse is a feeling absolutely singular and no other game comes close, thats the reason why i love this piece, and thats why i still insist it deserves a ten.

Baibies Dream of @)*$!#&% Wierd Stuff!

Siriously, WTF is this place? It is just so wierd that I can't not give it a 10/10! No Joke!

While the characters do somewhat resemble dicks...

...it didn't take away from the story, at least for me. I loved it, even though I honestly don't understand how you're supposed to collect coins. Beautiful.

very cool concept.