Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"


Geesh, some people are so agressivly stupid they want everything to be as flat as their minds.
I don't care what some fools say - this is brilliant, brilliant, and brilliant.

i love it

this game simple and beutiful and above all has a level of artistic concpetion for philosophy and life... it is challenging and elightfuly strange which helps drive its point across even better...dont listen to reviews like hames0rules hes an idiot with a one track mind for mindless action who wouldnt know art if it took a steam on him... cudos on your work and i hope to see alot more from you in games and anywhere else for that matter


One of the most interesting games I've played in a while. The simple graphics and music were great, the dead world concept was very fun to explore. Especially with the multiple story lines played out in different babies' dreams.


In short words and no spoilers, THE STORY BEHIND THE GAME IS AMAZING. Although i can't find the under construction area....

damn it weir it must be weird as hell in your head in a brilliant, mindfucking kind of way.