Reviews for "Burnt Face Man 9"

Pure Awesome

Thanks man, again its awesome


This submission obviously took you a while to make. Either that you just let this series sit a while. Maybe that's just what it needed. I enjoyed watching this episode of Burnt Face Man so much more than any of the other ones that you made. I liked how you opened up with telling what he did between this one and the last one while giving it an interesting twist. Honestly I don't know if it's possible to burn aids but maybe he had a resistance to heat since he was already burned once. Then it seemlessly goes to redneck and cannible jokes(somehow BFM gets his leg back). Even though everyone already suspected it you proved that BFM is actually gay by having a picture in the back of him and John Travolta. Other than that tying up the loose ends was a great idea and helped you save animating time. Unlike the previous episodes I didn't see that many faults. I still would of liked to see this series get a complete drawing upgrade instead of just suggestion boy but I don't think it will happen since you didn't do it yet. I'd like to see more videos in this series too.

Thank You

You've done it again.You have astounded me with your clever, English humor, and made me happy for a few minutes of my life. I love the "forum-segment". You really captured the true essence and idiocracy of most online forums.

With that, I thank you. Please keep up the excellent work.

Love It

Rockhead Rumple Is my favorite villian, I don't no why but i love the way he says "You BLOKE!!!!"

2 words

Dragon twister..
O and also great movie, I think the best was the internet forum and the impersonator mein