Reviews for "Burnt Face Man 9"

It's a shame

I've been a huge fan of the Burnt Face Man series since the beginning, and I really didn't find this funny at all. I hope if you do make another one it'll get back the spark that the old series used to have.


good humour. very entertaining. i enjoyed it indeed


that was awesome btw u should make another salad fingers, the best series on newgrounds

Laughing the entire time

I loved it! "Thank you lord, tonight we dine on leg of superhero"

I liked this immensely, but I think you can add some more detail to the flash to make them better - i.e. slightly more defined buildings etc. Your characters are very detailed, but the setting detracts in some instances where it could be much more solid - the biggest lasting impression in a scene is not only the character make-up and the plot, but also the scenography. Especially since the setting is a permanent, it can be more defined and takes less work in the making than doing defined animations (Which you do very well, so putting some more effort into the scenery shouldn't be a problem).

Anyways, I can't wait for the next installment!


Funniest part was the photo of burnt face man with john travolta hahaha