Reviews for "Burnt Face Man 9"


This isn't really that funny. It's kind of stupid.
By the way, if it pauses at "since our last episode" just right click and press "play."

A shame

I'm sorry David but this episode is the worst I have seen. The other BFM cartoons always made me laugh. Each one. It just seems you mashed a load of randomness in a desperate attempt to make it funny. I hope you find you creative genius again soon. Though in the old episodes each episode had a plot but like I say it was just a load of random scenes.

My head hurts. Niceee

That craziness turns my mind into jelly :D My head hurts after this episode. Heheh.

Good but not as good as before.

It was better animation and details but the story wasnt as good. But I still you should continue the story.

wont work

it doesnt start for me it stays at "since our last episode"