Reviews for "Blasting Agent"

i think it was a great game

Side scrolling games always make me nostalgic to my early years in gaming. You get a 9. -1 for too short. Anyways, good job!

Glitchy... I hope.

I can NOT be the only one who's experiencing this: when the menu is brought up (focus loss or death), there's a good probability that any click - even on the continue/menu buttons, it brings up the "gimme5games" website. This got very old, VERY fast. I'm using Chrome for this, if that makes a difference.

The other aspects of the game are great, if you can respect them for what they are. But that thing I mentioned put a serious damper on my enjoyment of the game. So I'd advise that get fixed, pronto.

8/10 because that click-thing is sufficiently annoying to warrant it.

fucking AMAZING

+platfor shooter
+jumping on peoples heads
-too short
Really really good game the only thing you can really do is add a level or two (in between 2and three or make a sequel my only comlaint is the easy lvl 3 upgrade


I loved it. though I got really annoyed at the bounceback feature like at the 3rd level red bonus because you kept getting bounced back and forth between fireballs and lava.

Good Game

Not perfect, but a enjoyable little game none the less